10:26 PM

The Unspoken Discrimination Within

I am so sick & tired of the unspoken discrimination within the military. Not that of the activity duty discrimination. No. Not the gay v. straight discrimination. No. Not even the discrimination amongst ranks. No.

I'm talking about the discrimination the military gives spouses. I'm so sick of hearing "no" just because I'm not a foreign national. Yes, I'm a born & breed American. Yes I'm educated. Yes I have common sense. Yes, I'm sane...most days. Yes, I speak English...sometimes fluently. However, why does that automatically make me competent in a way that my foreign national counterpart spouses aren't?

Sometimes I get so removed from the whole military lifestyle that I forget this part. That is until I "need" my service member at home & I am denied that request because I am not a foreign national spouse...oh so fragile & frail! They really play up the system too!

So what if I speak English...I am still in a foreign country too where English is not the main language.

So what if I am American, does that mean that times & situations are less stressful on me?

All I need is one bloody damm weekend in which my husband can help me, the pregnant sane, been emotional stable, military spouse who lives out on in town on the economy, to prepare for this birth of the child that he will be missing! ONE WEEKEND! And I know, I can tell, it is getting really close to this kid coming out...but who cares. I can do it alone! After all, I am afluently speaking American, right? No worries... I don't my service member at all!

Why is that not granted to me, but the lady who needs to go up to the embassy to get her passport re-done can get her husband out of every other important military schedule just to watch the kids because she doesn't want to use the CDC or a friend?

Or the lady who needs her hubby to hold her hand to fly home in an evacuation because she has only met his parents a dozen times with him, but I had to go it alone? It is still an evacuation ...and still my first one at that too!

Or the lady who needs her husband to get her a new ID, but I get handed a stupid piece of paper & sent on my way....to get my first one even I did it alone & at an Air Force Base!

Or the lady who is having a emotional break down at home threatening to leave or whatever, while all I get is left sitting in a pool of hysterical hormonal pregnancy tears while he has to go back to work because of some new emergency?

What am I missing here?

I am really confused. Everyone who romanticizes the military must only be on the foreign end of it. No wonder they have their own cliques, they have their own reality! And then everyone wonders why there is a divide & resentment between American wives & foreign nationals.

I don't care what their culture or customs are. What if I would like to have those same customs & culture? Oh I can't because I am American? Err.....

So sick of it! And people think that the military doesn't discriminate & that the government is fair! HA!