8:53 AM

Bloody American Airlines Boycott!

I am requesting your help in enlisting yourself & everyone you know to boycott American Airlines.

That is not American owned airlines but the actual company, American Airlines. They seem to over the best prices online, but they are the WORST airline on the planet!!!!

I am officially boycotting these retards & their scams. It seems cheaper, but you get all of what you pay for...which is NOTHING! Don't purchase a ticket with them thinking you will get the same average manageable service with a great low price.

What you get instead is a very rude & hateful crew, pilots either in training or new on their own who can't land without breaking your head into the seat in front of you while fishtailing on the runway, additional charges hidden in every corner from your one & only checked luggage to the dry nasty pretzels in the air at $3 a bag!!!!

And let's not discuss their inability to have any customer service! No, I change my mind, let's! They blow! If you book with them or through any other company but the ticket is with them, they will literally tell you no to every thing you ask about, from upgrades to trying to book a pet, to adding an extra checked bag. And if you ever end up in one of those unique situations where you are booked with them but actually flying another airline (i.e. Japanese Air Lines) or due to delays you are moved to another airline, they wipe their hands of anything & everything. So what if they booked you, you aren't their problem!

Adding insult to injury, once aborad the aircraft, they have moved the seats a few inches back each time until now, even I at 5'5" sits with my knees touching the seat in front of me & the first class passengers are spread throughout the aircraft in the same shitty seats. But just before you take off, be prepared to be talked down to like an idiot you have never used a seatbelt or did get the message the first time about where you bags go...which now with the seats so close will never fit under the seat in front of you!

8:10 AM

L'Oreal has finally made my scalp happy! With this new line of shampoos & conditioners that are sulfate & salt free I finally loose the scratchy flaky scalp factor!

I have suffered my whole life with extremely dry scalp. Not dandruff, but dry, flaky, scratchy, itchy, scalp that would ruin any dark colored outfit & usually got me send home from school. With dark hair, I just attract the sun to cause more damage. Then throw in a thyroid issue & I lost that beautiful sheen as it all started falling out.

NOPE! I don't color my hair, or use any hair products outside cleaning it. However, this color treated haircare line is perfect for some one like me...like you!

I have tried all the professional products only available at salons, the tea tree treatments & shampoos, the all natural, homeopathic remedies, etc. I have even tried other sulfate free shampoos (& good luck on finding many of those on the main market.) So naturally I was reluctant to purchase this new line but thought what else do I have to lose at this point outside more hair! So I picked it up from that Walgreens aisle & made it through the check out with disbelieve that this one would be any different.

I fell in love the first use. Then woke up thinking it was the intoxicating aromas that had altered my thinking. Then after 2 months now of use...I am still in love. I have the sheen back! I have the bounce back! I have NO itch, minimal flaking, & I stopped loosing so much of my hair. And to make it even better, my highlights have started to shine again while the white strand here & there is soft like the rest of my hair.

THERE IS NO BETTER PRODUCT ON THE MARKET! I promise you! The $6-$8 you pay per tube will be worth your confidence in gold! Thank you L'Oreal!

7:52 AM

Seriously! On the bottom self?

So this whole blogging thing has been catchy lately & I need an outlet...so here I go!

I am pregnant right? So I might only be 5 months along (+ 1 week), but I am have been in maternity clothes for 2+ months now! Bending down or over is getting a little tricky these days. I have already lost sight of my toes when standing straight up! Bummer!!

So I want to know what newly graduated college dunce made the magazine self planning for BAM! (Books A Million)? Seriously! Who in their moronic state of mind thought it would be a brilliant idea to but the "pregnancy & mom-to-be" section on the very bottom shelf? Do we look like people who can just lean over to you? Do I crawl or am in only 3 feet tall? Even squatting is tricky when your legs are swelling & holding up an extra 30+ pounds. Blanace is all off!

I don't care what the plan was, I am sure the middle rows are saved for high volume & fast moving magazines like beading & motorcycles. Come on already! Even the top shelf would be better than the very bottom! Even if I had seen a pregnancy magazine I wanted today, I still would not have picked up since I was going to have to touch my toes practically!

Idiots, people who refuse to use their brains...are my #1 Pet Peeve!

Even if I weren't pregnant, I still would have seen the big bellied models on the front cover & thought twice about bottom shelf placement. It is called common sense & common courtesy.