10:57 AM

No Twinkies?!!

I am curious...who was the moronic person (i.e. doctor, nutritionalist, etc) that came out & said that in order to eat healthy you have to also cut out all of the "good crap"?

Someone explain to me how a "healthy" diet excludes all psychology, common sense, & rationale? Sure we all think of eating healthy as the green stuff, along with a good portion of lean protein. Cut out the sugars, the sodas, the ingredients you can't pronounce, the salt, etc.

Great! You will be a green lean cutting machine! Right? And your body will be so happy.

But how will you feel?

Seriously?! If you are going to go "healthy" there is no need to cut the sugars, just make it real natural sugar in which your body will digest easily unlike the "fake" sugars. I can go on for days about how skim milk is worse for you due to the process in which to cut our fat & then re-add the nutrients that the fat took with it.

By cutting out the twinkies, the sodas, the "good crap" you are setting yourself up for failure. Your expectations are too high. Sure we all want kids who want to eat the yogurt over the oatmeal cream pie. But what happens when the do get to finally eat an oatmeal cream pie? Binge! Just like you! You will binge.

And just like binge drinking is more deadly than daily drinking, so is binge eating. It does more harm to your body & your psyche than just having a soda a day, a twinkie, or even potato chips in your daily diet. That is the healthy choice!

6:10 PM

Proof You Can Learn Anything On YouTube!

Being stationed in Japan comes with its many advantages, but it also comes with many drawbacks...like finding a good dog groomer. I wasn't about to submit my little Molly back to that on base kennel lady, even if for just a day! Plus apparently, she does a poodle shave/cut on any & all dogs. Gross!

Finding one in the area that I live has proven even harder since I can't read half the signs & we are so rural that no one really speaks English.

So I resulted in a hunt to try & do this myself. Thanks YouTube! I was able to go from this:

To this:

All I needed was a little instruction & a lot of patience. Thankfully my Molly has been trained by going to the groomers regularly that she kind of helped guide me along the way with lifting the next paw or turning a certain way, etc.

I just couldn't stand it any longer. Our Lhasapoo had gone from a non-shedding mix to a shedding demon since we arrive in Japan. After 5 years of no hair in the bed...I just couldn't take it anymore, especially with baby due any day!

It turns out that the lightening of her coat each visit to the groomer wasn't her coat but her undercoat. You aren't suppose to shave Lhasa Apsos so short, but we have always had her in the "puppy dog" cut. Hence, the reason I never had a shedding dog! LOL!

She is much happier to say the least, & so are we!