8:10 AM

L'Oreal has finally made my scalp happy! With this new line of shampoos & conditioners that are sulfate & salt free I finally loose the scratchy flaky scalp factor!

I have suffered my whole life with extremely dry scalp. Not dandruff, but dry, flaky, scratchy, itchy, scalp that would ruin any dark colored outfit & usually got me send home from school. With dark hair, I just attract the sun to cause more damage. Then throw in a thyroid issue & I lost that beautiful sheen as it all started falling out.

NOPE! I don't color my hair, or use any hair products outside cleaning it. However, this color treated haircare line is perfect for some one like me...like you!

I have tried all the professional products only available at salons, the tea tree treatments & shampoos, the all natural, homeopathic remedies, etc. I have even tried other sulfate free shampoos (& good luck on finding many of those on the main market.) So naturally I was reluctant to purchase this new line but thought what else do I have to lose at this point outside more hair! So I picked it up from that Walgreens aisle & made it through the check out with disbelieve that this one would be any different.

I fell in love the first use. Then woke up thinking it was the intoxicating aromas that had altered my thinking. Then after 2 months now of use...I am still in love. I have the sheen back! I have the bounce back! I have NO itch, minimal flaking, & I stopped loosing so much of my hair. And to make it even better, my highlights have started to shine again while the white strand here & there is soft like the rest of my hair.

THERE IS NO BETTER PRODUCT ON THE MARKET! I promise you! The $6-$8 you pay per tube will be worth your confidence in gold! Thank you L'Oreal!


Joy said...


I have issues with my scalp, too, especially in the beginning of winter. And I freak out every day in the shower because more than 5 hairs end up in my hand while shampooing.

I'm going to have to try this shampoo.