7:52 AM

Seriously! On the bottom self?

So this whole blogging thing has been catchy lately & I need an outlet...so here I go!

I am pregnant right? So I might only be 5 months along (+ 1 week), but I am have been in maternity clothes for 2+ months now! Bending down or over is getting a little tricky these days. I have already lost sight of my toes when standing straight up! Bummer!!

So I want to know what newly graduated college dunce made the magazine self planning for BAM! (Books A Million)? Seriously! Who in their moronic state of mind thought it would be a brilliant idea to but the "pregnancy & mom-to-be" section on the very bottom shelf? Do we look like people who can just lean over to you? Do I crawl or am in only 3 feet tall? Even squatting is tricky when your legs are swelling & holding up an extra 30+ pounds. Blanace is all off!

I don't care what the plan was, I am sure the middle rows are saved for high volume & fast moving magazines like beading & motorcycles. Come on already! Even the top shelf would be better than the very bottom! Even if I had seen a pregnancy magazine I wanted today, I still would not have picked up since I was going to have to touch my toes practically!

Idiots, people who refuse to use their brains...are my #1 Pet Peeve!

Even if I weren't pregnant, I still would have seen the big bellied models on the front cover & thought twice about bottom shelf placement. It is called common sense & common courtesy.


April said...

First of all, I feel ya on the maternity clothes. I was a freak of nature. I was in full-blown maternity clothes by my 8th week of pregnancy. It was freaking UNREAL. I was a huge momma, so all I can do is be brutally honest and say 'get used to it.' LOL Unfortunately, stupidity does not end at BAM. It's rampant, and it's everywhere. I'm sure that poor guy at Kroger never saw it coming when he got an earful because they were out of cookie dough ice cream. I mean, they should know better, right? LOL

Butter Beanz said...

LOL! I am one of the lucky ones. Haven't had too many cravings! Thank God! However, apparently, elderly don't consider pregnant people special either as this old man on the plan insisted on leaning his chair all the way back on my knees for most of the flight. He only moved because I turned my vent on high & towards him freezing his neck!!!