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Amazon Boycott!

Once I learned of Amazon's new APO/FPO shipping policies & also learned that it is strictly Amazon.com with the issue, I started to do some work-a-rounds. For Example:

I wanted a Microplane Cheese Grater (the best on the market!) but Amazon.com could not ship it to me for whatever category it fell into...gourmet cooking items? So I thought, let's see if this is Amazon or Microplane. I went to Microplane.com & ordered my grater & got it here in less than a week! THANKS MICROPLANE! Thus, it is definitely Amazon with the issue, not the companies of the actual products. I have done this with a few items.

However, one item that I cannot do this with is the one product that is strictly Amazon: the Amazon Kindle DX. I can get all the accessories shipped here or to the States no matter my billing address, but I cannot get the Kindle here or in the States because of my billing address? Yes! Here is Amazon's response:

" Hello,

In regards to your inquiry, it seems that the Kindle order has already been canceled, as we have tried billing your credit card three times. Canceled orders can't be reinstated. I looked at your credit card and found that the billing address is an FPO address, and that is preventing the order from completing. As you already know, the shipping and billing addresses need to be a U.S. based billing address, and FPO address can't be used.

As a suggestion, you could purchase an Amazon Gift Card and have your friend that you are shipping it to redeem it to their account, purchase the Kindle using their information. They will then be able to send the Kindle to you.

I hope this information helps.

Please let us know if this e-mail resolved your question: "

Yes, I have some bloody questions!:
  • First, are you saying you split my order up to move the Kindle to it's own "order"? Because every other email I have received showed the Kindle DX & the Belkin Sleeve on the same order...as one order...under the same order number in reference. So you purposely are not shipping the Kindle to or for a service-member?
  • Are you now saying that I cannot use your site to ship any items because my "billing" address is a military address?
  • Are you suggesting that because of my billing address that I will not be able to use your site to ship any gifts (i.e. Christmas & birthdays) to the States, which is where this order was going?
  • Are you suggesting that you have been in error with shipping to anyone who does have a military address, since many still have received items from you recently here in this overseas military community?
  • Or are you simply suggesting that I, me, personally, cannot get items from you, however, everyone else can?
Amazon, when a product that is solely manufactured by you, such as the Kindle, it should be exempt from any "policies" you have in place. Secondly, you are limiting your customer base by handling this product by such "policies".

Thirdly...I am boycotting you from now on! You will no longer have my business, and I will continue to spread the word about your bad customer service & foul attitude towards military service-members and their families.


Thoughts by B and M said...

Their response doesn't make sense. Our Shipping and billing address are our APO address and we haven't had a single issue with them except for a few electronics!