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Mix The What With The Huh?

I am not sure why exactly Women's Lib had to go as far as it did. I am positive that I still need a "Prep School" for wifery-hood!

I have been blessed with a husband, though at times truly didn't get the whole picture, has over all been very supportive me being a stay at home wife; just a wife, no children for 6 years! He has let me adventure in a number of interests, all of which have ended up lesser than planned or a complete bust, with little complaining & a lot of encouragement. This has been a blessing in disguise as it has taken most of those 6 years for me to be comfortable with being a stay at home wife & a woman true to herself & her God given roles in today's western society.

So today I sit here counting this blessing & I waste an entire work day researching "cooking" I realize that maybe a little "Prep School" would have been nice. It might not have taken me 6 years to figure out how to pre-make meals & freeze them with a smile on my face and a sense of accomplishment. Prep School might also have helped me with etiquette & some tack, how to iron sheets without them touching the floor & getting dirty, and how to be more supportive of my husband so he can do his job at the best of his abilities all while saving us tons of money!

Sure that sounds completely old fashioned. So 1950's right? You are right, it is dated & us ladies sure have moved on...but to where? We, an entire society, has lost so much by women trying to be men too, including real men! It really is no wonder why the lines are blurred. Am I sexiest...at times, yes, yes I am.

But I am really curious, how the heck is a home to be made and provided if the individuals in it have no idea what they are doing? Seriously, I never knew that being a wife, a mother, etc. took so much knowledge. Knowledge that was once common sense that now needs a "google" search to help you figure it all out!

Seriously, I have no confusion as to why the divorce rate is so high. No confusion at all! This world is being ran by men from both genders. Scary! Where have all the women gone?


April said...

*sigh* I soooo feel ya. I was a stay-at-home mom for a year and a half, and I LOVED being a domestic goddess.

However, I will say that after a while, I went back to work because I wanted to. I missed being in a professional atmosphere and feeling a sense of accomplishment from my career. It worked out great, though, because Jayna was at a perfect age where she really benefitted from the social interaction with other children.

My disclaimer, though, is that I *STILL* ran my household. Jeremy wasn't around. So, I still cooked, cleaned, did laundry, etc. Was my house perfect? Oh hell no. But, it was a home. I loved that life, and to an extent, I'm slipping back into it at Josh's house, just out of habit.

So, my rambling comes down to this...just because I work of of the home doesn't make me a second "man" of the house, although I don't think that's what you were implying. But, I enjoy my time out of the house and being able to use my brain to pursue a rewarding, professional career. I'm a domestic goddess, but I can still make some pretty awesome casseroles! But I'm also pretty tired, though... LOL

Butter Beanz said...

Nope! I was implying that so many believe that if they enjoy working in the home doing "wifely" things like cooking, cleaning, etc. can't speak up because they will be ridiculed.

I was also implying that our society has made a stay at home wife/mom as someone who is ignorant & dumb, a drain on our society, and offers nothing more than the air she exhales.

I just wish that more women would speak up instead of keeping it as "secret society". Being a stay at home wife/mother gives more back to our society than any other position in our society. It has been missing for years.

Working! I love working too! I don't belittle those working mothers at all. And good for those of you can do both, but I am not one of those individuals. I always give 150% so I am already over worked at home. LOL!

Butter Beanz said...
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Butter Beanz said...

And I am always amazed at how much I am still learning. Being a wife/mother has all kinds of skills that weren't passed down after Women's Lib "freed" all women from their natural roles.

Seriously, if it weren't for google these days I wouldn't know how to do half the tasks I do around this house!