10:38 PM

I'm Not A Racist!

I'm not a racist, I genuinely don't like you!

I am so Obama'ed out! He is on every bloody channel telling us more craziness than we can keep up with. Then you add the media hype & suddenly we are looking at the 1950's all over again! I'm a racist, you're a racist, we're a racist three!

I don't have a problem with a black man being president. Heck, paint him purple & call him Barney; as long as he's honest, has a loyalty to this great nation, & a dedication to leading it, I'll call him the president. However, that is not what BO stands for. Instead...

What I have a problem with is that my immigrant ancestors came to this great country for the promise of freedom. That was not just freedom to say whatever they want or to make a health are choice. It was the freedom to finally make their way in this world without an overhead government there to rape them of all their hard work or imprison them in their own lives. My ancestors, like every American, sacrificed every thing, took a big leap of faith, & survived on hope to make their journey to America for both themselves, their children, & their descendants for ALL generations that follow.

This country was founded on principles unlike any other nation for that exact reason...oh you need me to draw it out for you? OK...America wasn't created nor meant to be like any other nation! It was meant to stand on it's own, separated from tyranny & government control, & to serve a leader and a beacon of hope to ALL other nations. It's entire purpose was to be DIFFERENT! It has proven that possible for over 300 years! Yes, not perfectly but it has done well in the right hands of it's own people.

I would say it doesn't take a genius to recognize a snake, but then again we wouldn't be in this mess if it were so simple. Maybe we are all blinded by comfort & security that our neighbors will make the right choices so we don't have to. Or maybe we have all been spoon fed tiny innocent lies that looked like truths for so long that we are simply poisoned with the wrong belief structure. Either way, it's time to start looking inside ourselves for answers. Do we want to be Germany, Russia, France, England, etc. And if you answer yes, then MOVE! IMMIGRATE just like your ancestors did. Don't ruin this great nation because your are straight up lazy & scared!

As this great nation starts it's tumbling downward spiral to becoming just like everyone else because our president is a reflection of our own selves, I wonder:

After 4 years of "change" will there be room for "change" again? Will we be able to undo the damages done? You can always let out the reins, but tightening them back up once that horse is in full gallop is damn near impossible, especially if untrained.

Do I, like my ancestors who came here to escape, need to start shopping for my escape? Do me & my family need to sacrifice everything & try to start over somewhere else? What would my ancestors do right now? Wait it out, then see? Join the cause & fight for their county back? Or pack up & go back to their old countries?

Why Americans, why are we so easily giving up? Are we that lazy & scared? Have we really lost all our marbles? Or did we let that horse start galloping & don't know how to get the reins tightened up again?