3:37 PM

Health Care Reform...that is actually Reform!

A friend sent me another link. Apparently I am slow at finding my own links...LOL! But this time it was definitely something of great interest. If you were not a Whole Foods fan before now, you might very well be now:

Finally spoken with common sense & actual plans that equal solutions instead of some mambo jambo crap that the White House has been trying to shove down our throats & then disguise as something yummy.

I am especially a found supporter of the medical care dollars that you can earn & that also carry over to the next year. Money you can use how you want! Awesome...so you aren't stuck with only mainstream medical options because your insurance won't cover the Chiropractor. Now you can get the money to go see some of the more alternative mainstream medical options. What an amazing idea & great plan! Go Whole Foods!