3:11 PM

Green = NO New babies?

So a friend of mine sent me this obscure article, that has more than one issue of interest in it, but the point was clear:

If we crazy Americans will stop having babies we can save the world!

Really? That is news to me, or is it? I have to say once I read the article it was eluding to some rather important facts, however, facts that were completely misinterpreted & misconstrued.

Yes, Fact #1: (sourced from gDiaper.com) is that out of all the landfill waste, the 3rd leading contributor is indeed disposable diapers. Interesting when only 5% of the entire population uses disposable diapers. However, that is not segregated by infants & elderly. Just a total calculation.

Yes, Fact #2: Americans, more than some, however not all, other countries are a society of convenience & luxury. Disposable diapers are consumed greatly by Americans. However, the UK & Britain, etc also use disposable diapers. So I am thinking that not just Americans can save the planet over the disposable diaper debate. And has anyone seen the latest trend on reinstating the use of cloth diapers? Mothers throughout the States and around the globe are clothing things up these days! Has anyone done research on the water waste & consumption that this takes or gas/electric? Hmmm...?

Yes, Fact #3: The plastics used in one disposable diaper can take up to 500 years or longer to decompose, just as much as a regular plastic bag you picked up at the grocery store today. However, some disposable diapers take only 75 years or less to decompose. (I've yet to find stats on which kind is better & decomposes faster outside those with less chemicals used to create the diaper seem to be the leading winners right now.) Plastic bags are either the #1 or #2 leading contributor to landfills & ocean debris. So diapers alone are not going to help us go "green" & save the world. Someone really needs to inform Japan of this who uses plastic bags & wrappers on every individual little item and they have an amazing recycling program!

Yes, Fact #4: A new child does create more carbon emissions than just with their dirty bums. They now need transportation, cleaning, etc. The running around, cleaning, & caring that is added up over a child's life can make a very small dent on the environment, but again, not anymore than those big manufacturing companies. Let's not be retarded in our thought processes people!

First it was the Women's Lib that ruined the image of women having babies, turning it into something that was "bad, wrong, unnecessary, & stunting" to a woman. Now we have government officials after us? When will we open up our pretty little eyes & see that we don't need help with infertility/fertility issues? And has anyone asked Japan, for example, what it is like to have a society start to decrease & die off because of procreating discouragement?

Are we really aiming to make Americans extinct?