9:22 PM

OK I Am A LIttle Confused!

Not that that is really anything new, but I am a little confused.

5 years ago, when B was stationed here in Yokosuka, Japan I was in awe of their technology, cool gadgets, & amazing odd & ends that you couldn't find in the States. I was particularly happy with my 100 yen phone (which was about $0.95 minus the actual connection fees, etc.) then that still did more than any phone on the market in the States outside something like a Blackberry.

Even every day items for your kitchen or computer desk were way cooler than the States & it wasn't the most expensive item you could find either!

However, 5 years lapsed & I am looking at what? Nothing? Cheap plastic, cheap fabric, & stuff that looks like it was ALL made in China for the dollar stores back home. Incredible! What happened?

To add injury to insult right now, it also cost more as they have raised their prices & the yen keeps getting stronger as the dollar gets weaker!

But I thought that Japan was on the cutting edge! I thought that they were more advanced than us. So what happened? Can someone explain, please?

I was so looking forward to coming back to Japan & ditching my old American whatever for something new & trendy. I am so upset & let down. Was there an economic depression in Japan while I was gone?

OH & don't get me started with the poor mismanagement of the NEX & Commissary here! They are so behind on the "newest" items & trends. And the items that they have are usually out of stock. You can't even get green chili enchilada sauce here! What? Is that even legal?

Used to be you wanted to shop on base for all the best produce & meats, etc....but now...we are looking at ordering our meat from a local company that will deliver to our doorstep for the same price as the browning, rotting meat you can get on base. Crazy!!!

I am back to shopping online...which bites because, though it is just as expensive....the items I want usually don't ship to a military address or I have to go to the actual manufacturing company to purchase it, making it more to ship!

Bloody hell already!! I just want good quality items for my hubby's hard earned money! Is that really too much to ask?


Thoughts by B and M said...

Ha! I thought the same thing. I remember both you and Bryan talking about how kewl the techno was over here, etc - and when we came, we were like...um, yea, not so much! I guess a lot has changed - and yes Japan is experiencing an recession. Currly in OKA, the yen is still about equal to the dollar, when we got here the dollar was stronger and over the past 18 mths, it's become weaker - but it has grown. Around Christmas it was like 80 cents to 100 yen....so now it's close to being equal again! :)
we have green chili sause at our commissaries here - do you want me to mail you some???

You guys need to take the train to Yokota - their BX and Comm is FABULOUS from what I hear! It's huge and has a lot of variety... maybe on a weekend?!

Butter Beanz said...

Yes, apparently I did miss the boat. Japan has suffered though a HUGE economic depression in these last 5 years. Opps! Well, I suppose that explains that, huh?

I mean when I say I am shopping online, I am serious! I have even had to replace our cheese grater online because all they had here were those cheap ones that rust easily & the plastic handle that will break & the thin metal that bends when you press on it. Gross! With the humidity alone here, you can't have cheap metal on food items!

Once this baby is born, maybe I will be more mobile to make a few of those trips to Yokato & Yokohama, & Tokyo...right now though...just not going to happen.