9:38 PM

Government Cheese Anyone?

So I was thinking...which really should not be allowed, but I was doing it....

Back when I was younger, poor as hell, we used to get the government cheese, dry milk, beans, peanut butter, honey, the occasional ham in a tin, etc. Sometimes what you got depended on what the government had on overstock, but we always got cheese! It was the best cheese ever! And we never ran out of peanut butter or honey because they came in these huge cans! HUGE!

That program soon ran dry or was traded in for another much like WIC, making limitations on how long you can receive these handouts. OK. So what if we did that today?

All this talk about the amount of money that we need to help the "poor", then why aren't we doing this again? Also all the talk about needing money to control this or that, etc...helping the "Americans" learn how to eat probably to beat the obesity issues, etc.

Last I checked it is not the governments place to tell me what to eat or how to eat, maybe just make their usually recommendations & regulate things on their end...such as....

Secondly, if they want to fight obesity & diabetes (yes, which is on the books of bills to be passed), then how about changing the FDA regulations & ditching those ingredients that they added that put us in this state (i.e. High Fructose Corn Syrup & Trans Fat) instead of telling me what I can & cannot eat?

Adding to it, let's not stop there! Let's regulate the hormones, from what kind to how much, can be added to the feed we use on our livestock! You know, those pesky little hormones that don't cook or process out of our animal products & are then absorbed by our bodies causing us "growth" in all directions too...just like the animal byproduct we ingested. Remember the 80's anyone?

People were never as big as they are today thanks to these growth hormones...nor did they have the diabetes rate we have today thanks to high fructose corn syrup...or heart problems due to the wonder trans fat to make things sit on a shelf longer without going bad!

Well this all in turn has made me give up the idea of the "government cheese program" (as I so affectionately call it). Because I can guarantee, with the way things are & the way that they are going, we would all be fat, diabetic, cancerous, or even dead from any government cheese handouts!