2:28 PM

Living Under Constant Scrutiny

The other day, while I was in a deep coma with my "love seat therapy" session, the doorbell rings...again. Everyday for a week now at about 10 AM, that thing is being pushed by someone. So I was ignoring it & hushing the dog quietly. I had drool down one side of my face along with indentations from the pillows & hand, and was still in my P.J.'s.

"It" didn't go away, like others. NO!, instead it rang the thing again! So I figured it had to be important...right?

With the door barely cracked to keep the dog in & to hide my appearances, I see two Japanese men dressed alike, one with a bag brief case thing showing me his ID. (Have I ever mentioned Japanese poor dental hygiene?) Once they realized I was "english" & spoke no Japanese, they turned to leave in complete confusion. I am not really sure what they were confused about! We have a Dodge Nitro with pimped 20" rims in the drive...it screams American!

Anyway, I called my landlord liaison to see if he sent someone over for something. He said no, but said it sounded like Jehovah Witnesses. WHAT!? In Japan? You have them too? Great! Now I do need to learn some Japanese! LOL!

He also tells me that he hasn't "heard anything about" us in a few weeks now. WHA-what-what? "Heard anything about" us? People call him to tell him about us?

Apparently yes! A neighbor called to tell him that we don't pick up after our pet when we walk her. LOL! (Thankfully our landlord liaison knows better & never called to tell us this.) But I was upset! First, we hardly walk our dog, because we all all lazy, including the dog. Two, we have these pink little doggie poop bags we use ALL the time! You can't miss them! Hot Pink! And the poop on/in our concrete yard, well it can sit 24-48 hours before my big ol' pregnant belly can get bent over to pick it up! After all it is "our" yard. Fourthly, I have a water bill that clearly shows that I wash down our concrete yard way too often! Fifthly, she only poops once a day since we have been here anyway & in the same spots!

However, this is the pure essence of the Japanese. They have this great face-to-face with you. All smiles, "konnichiwa" & bows, but behind your back they are watching you with an eagle eye. They don't much trust Americans, and in the last 5 years, around these parts, Americans have left a really foul taste in their mouths...so it can be partially understandable. But to be going out of their way to make up some crap to complain about...OH the glory of living in J-town!

I remember the last time B was stationed here. The little old lady that lived behind us used to come into the house & just walk through it & then back out. Once I started cleaning up after 4 generations of dirty American boys, things were "miraculously" getting done...like the yard being tended to & all. She also kept an eagle eye on those in that house & was reporting back to the owner.

Now that I think about it...it is always the older folks....


April said...

I dunno...it's not that uncommon. It kinda reminds me of when I lived at the Links in Harrison! LMAO! Nosey neighbors are EVERYWHERE.