8:40 PM

Universal Insurance Plans

Of course this sounds like a great idea & plan. You get to buy an insurance plan in one state, while using it in another, all while you live in another. That would be awesome right?

The question: "Why can't private insurance companies fight for my business like any other service?"

Has one person stopped to think about the reason why instead of just asking?

Because each state regulates health care already, by state statues. Hence the reason if you are qualified for practicing medicine in AR you can't just go to FL without taking another medical board & becoming qualified.

And it is not just medical. The same applies to lawyers & teachers! You can pass your boards in one state but not be qualified to practice in every state.

Insurance is what covers these practices services. So....how is it going to work?

Now we are proposing that we get insurance companies to raise their premiums so that we can use it in any state? How is that the reform we need?

Universal Healthcare & Universal Insurance is NOT the Reform we need!