10:32 PM

It's NASCAR, Get Some Balls Back!

Anyone who has been following NASCAR or my recent posts on Facebook, know that everyone is hatin' on Kyle Bush. Why? That is what I want to know!

Yes, Kyle has some bad sportsmanship skills like blaming everyone & everything but himself for not winning a race. But seriously, you have to be a little crazy & unstable to be doing 200 MPH in a car with hardly any body on the frame, spinning around in circles, dodging bad drivers like Michael Waltrip! Well, you at least have to be cocky, arrogant, & have some balls anyway.

I don't see everyone hatin' on Waltrip who causes one really good wreck per race. Yes, every single time...in the Sprint Cup Series, Waltrip is right there...in a bloody wreck! Great personality, horrible driver! But no one is knockin' on him or calling for him to either speed up or get out of the way.

So Kyle wrecked a few people! So what? It isn't like you became a fan or joined NASCAR because of it's safety! I don't remember any of the great drivers being like every other driver. They were all a little nutty, pretty damn reckless, & completely insane on the track. That is why they were great & why you kept coming back for more.

Is that what this is really about? Everyone is hatin' on Kyle because he could be the next "great driver" in history if anyone would just back him?

All you sissies out there complain about Kyle Bush need to get your balls back! It is NASCAR, not carriage rides for the rich & lazy. You need to remember what NASCAR is about. It isn't just about you having loyalty to one driver no matter what, like Dale Earnheart, Jr, but about the wrecks & the crazy drama! It is about seeing a driver take on one of the most competitive sports & making a win out of it, ...no matter how he limps over that finish line. It is about some balls!

At first, for the same reasons you are hatin' on Kyle Bush, that is why you fell in love with Tony Stewart. However, they are two different drivers with two very different styles...and that is what it is all about! Kyle is just puttin' the Boogity back into Racin'! The rest of ya'll sissies need to find your balls before you come back to the tracks!

(You made me get my redneck out...shame on you!)