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Please, "Hitting" Is Not the Path to Violence

I am a part of a group on Facebook called "Circle of Moms". A great group that allows a lot of moms to get together & share various ideas, beliefs, & most importantly, advice. I have rather enjoyed discussing issues with other moms, most backing up some of the ideologies & beliefs that I hold for me & my family.

Every once in a while there is an individual that tries to skew things & this is one of those below. I was going to let it slide, but have come to the belief that is exactly what the problem is. No one is speaking up. "Of nothing comes nothing," and it works both ways. If you do nothing, nothing will come of it...including change. So here is what got me fired up:

Other Poster: "It is a testament to why our crime rates are so high, because you parents who think your only resort is to hit your children are breeding violent teens and adults who become social misfits and degenerates. Please! Stop hitting your kids, Maybe someone should hit you every time you screw up! You would leave him, wouldn't you?! Well then maybe your kids should leave YOU!"

Then went on to add: "I don't respect the people who hit me-I just hate them and want to hurt them back worse then they hurt me!"

My Response: "I am sorry to hear that your past issues are coming forward & being put off onto your children. Being beaten or abused is not ok & should never be accepted.

However, that said, either we are missing the point of your topic, thus being truly beating children, or you are completely uneducated & confused as to the differences between beating a child & discipline.

That also being said, I will start with every child, from infancy to adulthood, are unique & wired differently. Some can be spanked & get the point still feeling loved & cared for, while others just come out the womb in "survival overdrive" and take a spanking as someone literally trying to "hurt" them. I have examples of both in my family...siblings in fact. Thus not every child, even in the same family, will & can respond the same way to a uniform discipline.

Children thrive best in well disciplined homes. Why? Because that is the way that they know that their parents truly care & love them. If they have parents who truly are out to make them better people they know it. It is human nature, just as in the animal kingdom, to want to "pick" at those we love to try & make them better people. It is built into our DNA. It is also our job as parents. God was clear on that!

There is also an age spectrum in which various "spanking" is
ok for discipline. You won't slap the back of your 2 years old's head to get their attention, but you might your 14 year old. Unfortunately that is not a "manual" on discipline.

And quite frankly, I am tired of seeing parents too scared to discipline their children in public because of individuals like you making threatening comments & beliefs. You can guarantee, if your child is unattended & acting out of line in a very rude & hateful way that is not just a child's normal behavior for acting out...I will be the first to say something to your child about their behavior.

As for the correlation to the crime rate, you might start looking at home & the influences that you allow to penetrate your home, your minds, & your children's development. It is not just one thing or another; there are just so many influences that intrude our lives. But our own backyards, which are supposed to be the safest, have become free for all war zones.

I am very much an advocate for those who are abused. But spanking is not abuse!"

Seriously, this "letting it slide" or "political correctness" BS starts as early as day 1 in which we enter the world. We have to stop the cycle if we truly want to get our lives, security, & freedom back!


Conservative Sensei said...

While the slogan "Make Love not War" makes for a nice sign it is a poor philosophy for raising children. Crime rates are so high today because we are raising children that don't understand that actions have consequences. They believe that they have a right to whatever they want, which sometimes includes your stuff. If they can't get it on their own, the Government needs to provide it.

If you were beaten as a child, it was traggic and wrong. That being said, it doesn't remove the responsibility to raise your children to be contributing members of society. Spanking can be appropriate in certain situations and should not be ruled out of the play book as a parent.

Try not to let your progressive/leftard attitude affect your ability to parent. Be smarter than you are sounding. Beating children is different than a occasional spanking or swat on the wrist. You are smart enough to understand that, right?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I only wish my children responded to it. I have tried it all, time out, spanking (not beating), taking away toys and certain activities. I have VERY strong willed children (or should I say, I have 1 strong willed child). I think we are TOOOOO much alike and we clash. I love her to death, but we just dont get along and it is really sad. I have tried the "Nice Mom" routine and been very strict. I just dont think that for "MY" family, spanking has done a bit of good. But I think for others it gets the point across and works wonders.