1:34 PM

Here's a Healthcare Reform For You

After the worst dental cleaning & exam in history (made my gums bleed more than I have ever experienced & then only "polished" them, no fluoride treatment or rinse), taking a second bath in my own spit & water (because their dental equipment was broke & I had to handle my own suction tool to help), & having the dentist give me a lecture on using his hard earned tax dollars to get dental care (because we spouses, you know, don't deserve care for the sacrifices we make & never carry dental insurance, even though I do)...I have a new idea about health care reform.

*Yes, the above is all true! Would swear it in a court of law! And that is what a government ran health care facility gets you too!!

With all this jabbering about an "immediate need" for universal health care to help those "47 million" Americans (out of the 306, 974, 395 million Americans total) without health care & the already outstanding & astonishing debt we have created since January 1st, 2009, I was thinking...

Why? Why do we feel so entitled to health care? Are we no longer responsible for our own health? We, as Americans, have bought into the idea that it is not our sole responsibility to take our health into our own hands, but to let the Lord & the Doctors make sure that we are healthy. Here we are, adults, unable to take the steps we need to ensure our own health in a society with the best health care on earth. This is amazing to me. We can't even make our own health a priority in our life, riddled with an affluent amount of excuses as to why it isn't our own fault that we are ill.

So under this assumed ideology, that I am certain the president & his goons are also using to push this "immediate need", that it is the doctors are responsible for our health. Right? Follow me?

What if our health care reform wasn't a free for all, or a change in "insurers" and insurance companies, but in the way we pay. The Chinese used to have this policy across the board: You only pay your doctor if your a healthy & fit?!

No seriously? What if you only paid your monthly fee if you were healthy, fit, trim, etc.?

OH WAIT! That's right! 1 - you can't cure stupid & 2- there are a number of health issues out there that are genetic, not the common cold.

So while Massachusetts is waiting currently 56 days to be seen by a doctor, the rest of the States averages 12 days. You pick! Which one is better?