8:31 PM

A New Theory

I have a new theory on why people overeat. I am not discrediting those with real issues, you know the kind of internal emotional issues that make you plum to hide or whatever. Which in itself makes no sense since it really just makes you more noticeable but in a bad way.

Beside the point, so I was making my lunch today. I great big sandwich with avocado & all. It was so tasty. Anyway, I could still remember the taste of the chicken we had last night in our homemade enchiladas & was thinking....

"Wow! I had forgotten that chicken could taste like that...like homegrown, just rung it's neck chicken. No wonder I had never really been a big meat eater growing up."

That reasoning then played into the knowledge I know about today's chicken. It is so chalked full of hormones that when we see a little breast for $6.00 a pound, we go with the big one for $1.50 a pound instead. But that chicken really has no flavor. Not a gamey, chicken flavor at all. It is just a white meat kind of flavor & is often dry. So we do our absolute best to cover it up with juices & seasonings abound.

This chicken I had the other night was a local Japanese selection from the local Co-Op (farmers market but like a real store). They were small in American standard size, still had some skin on them, & lots of juice once frozen & thawed. I thought for sure that the freezing then thawing took all the juice out & these were going to cook up try.

Not at all! Instead they were still really juice with some FAT still in the juice. They even plumped with cooked. When was the last time you saw your chicken "plump", none-the-less, your hot dog?

I am not a meat eater in any capacity, but I do like really got piece of deer or elk. Having a chicken taste like a real chicken yanked up out of the wild, that was a treat. Why? Because I could taste it!

If our senses all work together & our sense of smell plays the biggest roll in our sense of taste...I am going to assume that our obesity problem in America isn't just the FDA allowing crap in our foods, but that they also have no taste. They all have a generic taste instead. Yep, white meat, red meat, some green thing, etc. Even the tomatoes here remind me of my early childhood. So freaking good!

When we can taste what we eat, we can enjoy it & need a lot less of it. Hence the reason God gave us the sense of smell & taste combination. To enjoy His great works!


Amanda said...

Wow! I thought all chicken tasted the same. I'm going to have to try to find a true chicken just to "taste" it