6:52 PM

Good For Us…Good For Them

HOLY CRAP! Seriously? If you are that hard up for health care there is a program you can get on in which the all mighty, powerful, incompentent government will take care of ALL your woes. It is called the United States Military! And the best part about it is that you can pick & choose which program you want: Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, or Coast Guard.

Spun off another wonderful little snippet of a post: Good For Us…Good For Them, I am really sick of this entire debate & topic in general. The fact that it is being discussed as something "NEW" makes no damn sense when there is already a government health care program in place & it blows. Now, someone please, explain to me, how taking one shitty idea that barely makes an impact & spreading it out even thinner over a bigger surface (the entire US) will make this system "better"?

Even state care, Medicade, gets better care than those on the government plan! Why because it is smaller, by state, than say an entire nation! Also, because the states can help supplement some of the costs, the doctors are paid better therefore treating patients with a little better care than those on the government plan.

However, if "nothing but broken equipment, forced "experimental" plan, drugs, & ideologies, & no personal identity at all but just another 'number' to a system of overworked, beat down, clones we call doctors sounds like the plan for you then JOIN THE FREAKIN' SERVICE! If not..then vote NOT A CHANCE IN HELL on the whole concept & tell your public officials you said so!" - my own quote!

*Not discrediting the US Military service-members & their families who have to literally sacrifice more than should be asked of them time & time again. They deserve a free healthcare system...& one that is not broke...for their blood, sweat, & tears.