9:54 PM

Japanese "Gomi" Broken Down in Plain English!

It is the number one complaint about Americans living in town in Japan: They just can't get the trash right! Heck, some of the Japanese still can't get it right either! When you have so many separation categories & are constantly having to change the regulations due to the change in new packaging concepts...it is amazing that they even get the trash sorted!

So for those of you who have heard the rage of sorting & disposing of your trash in Japan, here is the booklet that we got this year (2009) when we moved in. Other times that we have been here all we have gotten is a little page of generalized sorting & disposing regulations with our designated trash days. HA! Apparently the Japanese have learned that Americans truly do need it "drawn out" for them. It is rather cute, but be sure to read all the print. There are all kinds of little rules & regulations in fine print!

Hope you enjoy...& I hope it helps some of you. Especially those of you who might be considering living in town here in Japan. It really isn't that bad. It is just a lifestyle not a "task". That is the hardest part to switch over in the American brain. We want it to be just a "task" like in American, but things are very different here...like personal responsibility & accountability for the greater good of the complete whole!