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Universal Health Care In A Nutshell!

Yes, I am totally reposting another's blog, but you can't miss this: We Already Have Government Regulated Health Care


This is exactly what I have been trying to say about Tricare & the government provided health care system that is already in effect. Yes, VA (Veterans' Affairs) is the same system as those who are Active Duty & their families.

Just because "active duty" always has the flu shot/mist...it isn't a choice. They are forced to get it no matter their personal choices of their own bodies & they are also at the expense of the "new & experimental" FDA approved drug plan. Think about that & chew on it for a minute. Is that really "good" health care or is that socialism?


Thoughts by B and M said...

I do agree that the VA system needs a HUGE overall. It's been an issue since my grandpa entered the VA hospital before I was born - and it's been an issue with my dad as a retiree. I've had great luck getting appointments when I went to the VA hospital in Palo Alto, CA...but nothing of mine was major.

Also - the video they should doesn't seem like a VA hospital - you dont' find too many active duty working in VA hospitals...it looked more like something from either Walter Reed or Brook Army Medical Center (which btw, is one of the best burn centers in the world).

I'm not sure that I'd compare TRICARE and the VA as the same systems... TRICARE and the VA are COMPLETELY TWO DIFFERENT systems, run by two different organizations. Department of Veteran Affais and the TRICARE Management Activity, which is an Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) organization. Both have different policies, guidelines, waiting times, access to care, pharmacy...they are completely different! As any military medical doctor and they'll tell you the same thing!

As for Active Duty, yea they are required to get annual shots, with out a choice - and could be subject to use of other drugs (only if prescribed to them, and they don't have to take them - that is THEIR choice), however, as with everything in being Active Duty, you are told when to work, what to wear, what to eat, what physical fitness standards to adere to...so why would the medical treatment be any different? You are allowed as an AD member, to get a second and third opinion on a situation - but look at MM for example. He's a great example of how TRICARE takes care of their military members, especially after his recent brain surgery! They don't just randomly pick an AD person and say, hey try this drug for an experiement... :)

As for family members in TRICARE, overseas is slightly different, there aren't too many doctors out in town that accept PRIME, but in the states, you can have a choice of who you want to see and if there aren't any PRIME doctors you like, you can switch to standard and pay a co-pay and see WHOEVER you want! There is no way that is socialized as you have a list of providers you can chose from, a list of pharmacies to go to - just like blue cross, or any other health insurance company!

Having spent my entire life as part of the military medical community (child -dependant(both of an AD person and Retiree) - then AD, now spouse dependant and working for TRICARE), there are issues, yes, and there always will be. Nothing is perfect. But I can't complain too much - I don't pay for it :) (besides my taxes)

I think for TRICARE for both Active Duty and family members it boils down to being completely educated about the benefits - which most people just do what the doctor's says or even what they here their friends saying about what's authorized and what's not. I didnt know that a family member could switch from prime to standard or could fine a prime doctor outside of the military treatment faciliyt - they cannot REQUIRE you to be seen there. WOrking with TRICARE has really opened my eyes to what you can/cannot do and what's available to you overseas, which there are some great resources if you travel! :)

Ok, enough of my soap box...but bottom line...VA needs help - especailly for some of those serious injuries as well as the older patients - as Glenn said, they are our HEROS! :)

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