3:38 PM

What Is This?

Upon moving into our new home, I had found this little guy shoved in the back of one of the 4 drawers the kitchen came with. I wasn't sure what he was, so I had temporarily shoved him in the closet until I could deal with it.

Do you know what this is? Take a stab at it! One guess? Okay, one more...there was a sponge in the package originally. Well...not really a sponge but more like...

A Japanese version of the Mr. Clean Eraser! White like ours, but thicker. When I went to clean the spots off the walls from the movers dirty hands & such, I thought I would try this thing out first before using my own Mr. Clean Eraser from the base NEX.

It works! It works just as good as Mr. Clean himself! I bought a stash of Mr. Clean, but I will be keeping an eye for this little guy. And don't be surprise if yo get him in your "care package" from us! LOL!