10:57 AM

It's a Win Win Situation

I am not sure why more people haven't heard of this product, but it is one of the best on the market! It does what it says it will do & sold mostly as big name sporting goods stores. However, you can find it online in bulk which is great! (Especially for us overseas people who can't always live without our American luxuries...)


WIN Laundry Detergent was something that I read about in a magazine somewhere along the way over the years. I looked for it high & low never finding it on common shopping shelves. Then one day I found it at Dick's Sporting Goods. I got a bottle. I thought, "HOLY CRAP! They sure are proud of this stuff! $20 for a little bottle! This had better work!"

It does! It took out all kinds of sweat stains in B's white T-shirts, and the odors of his uniforms for work. Now I can't stop using it. It last me a while since I only use it on select items & not everything, so the money was worth the product. When I have something really smelly or really dingy I just add a little cap of this & "POOF" magic happens in the wash!

Personally, I am in shock that the US Military isn't shipping this in by truck loads for their men & women in uniform. I know that on the naval ships they sure could use something like WIN to knock out their funk!