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Ok, ok...bear with me here...but $700 million of your hard earn tax dollars is going to the controlling of wild horses through grants for federal land, censuses, & yes, contraceptives.

NO seriously! This is not a joke & this is not a privately funded venture, but part of a wonder thing we called a "stimulus package" where apparently we are now "stimulating" horses! - HR 1018 (that's House Resolution 1018).

Yes, there is a certain part of the US in which wild horses are becoming more of a nuisance...but when was the last time they were digging through your trash or tearing up your backyard? NO really, when? These wild horses aren't everywhere throughout the US, just very specific regions in very certain state(s).

Blah, blah, blah...a sign of freedom they are. I have to say I agree with Glenn Beck on this one. "I am tired of signs of freedom, I want freedom!" And horse contraceptives? What? What is next, as Glenn points out...horsebortions?

Don't get me started. No wait...do! If they are wild, do they not fall into the "wild game" group of animals in which we can legally hunt them? And wouldn't selling a tag to hunt wild horses make revenue instead of a bigger debt? We eat deer, elk, moose, duck, squirrel, raccoons, lamb (which isn't wild), rabbits, buffalo/bison.... I hear horses are quite the delicacy too! Heck in Arkansas they brought in Elk to repopulate the region with a native animal that had gone missing to find itself overran with elk & now sell tags to hunt them each year to control the population. This makes much more sense then horse condoms...so to speak.

While you are paying more for your food at the local grocer, struggling to may be hold onto the job this "stimulus package" promised to give you, we are going to take $700 million to control wild horse populations...is that ok? That is also $700 million we could have helped launch some of the great new equipment we have created to serve our men & women over seas fighting for the freedom of these wild horses!


Butter Beanz said...

Just want to state for the record that this bill has been reduced to 20 million in the news, but I am not sure which is the correct amount. Either way...too much money for horse condoms!