8:48 PM

What Is Mandatory?

Amazingly...there is a new amendment to the "universal health care" bill in which they are pushing to make abortions a mandatory part of the coverage. Yes folks! That means your tax dollars are not only helping horses from procreating, but now even people who apparently can't keep themselves out of trouble.

What irks me most about this "amendment" is not only that is if for abortions, but that we can make this mandatory in the "universal health care" coverage but not genetic testing for cancers, especially breast cancers! ARE YOU CRAPPING ME FOLKS?!

As a strong Pro-Life only way to go advocate, this sounds absurd. However, even if I were not a Pro-Lifer this would still make so damn sense to anyone with a brain, a little logic still rattling around up there, & some common sense. Seriously what drugs are these senile old farts in DC on? I want some!!!

Don't sit there & tell me about the poor souls who were raped by their father, uncle, brother, etc & are under age or too young, or the lady who was held at gun point in a car jacking. If these were the only people getting abortions then there wouldn't be such a need & outcry for them.

You know as well as I do that the "need" for a mandatory abortion clause in the coverage is being driven by those who just want another option for their "birth control". These individuals of sexual crimes who are opting for abortions make up less than 5% of the abortion rates & most of them being under the age of 25!

We all know what causes babies by now...don't we? It is all the rage, made in plain site this day & age. Making the wrong decision shouldn't be solved at the cost of tax payers.

At the rate we are going...who is going to keep paying their taxes?

There are so many other wonderful causes that our tax dollars could be going to & benefiting than abortions & "universal health care" such as the public programs in place now that are so short handed & short funded...say....firemen, policemen, teachers, public schools, border control, .... should I go on?

I am still wondering how if the government is already failing at so many other "public services" how it thinks it can enlighten us all with a "universal health care" program. Anyone?