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Costco in Japan

We were so excited when we learned that Costco was now in Yokohama, Japan, just up the road from Yokosuka. We couldn't wait to hit the international Costco. 

A hole in my shirt, shoe prints on my leg that didn't match my shoes or B's, & a ding on my wrist that hurt like hell & $200 later we emerged from the depths of a Japanese Costco on a Saturday afternoon. It is a jungle! 

There are many familiarities about the Costco here in Japan  & the ones 
in the States. Like you will find American clothes, & all the usual department areas. However, even the American products are packaged in Japanese! There is a one line, shorthand, description of the product on the price tag just above it in English. Some products you will recognize & not need a sign, however...chicken strips for the dog...you need the sign! 

ALL the appliances are Japanese in both packaging & build. However, you can find some really nice appliances from refrigerators, to deep freezers, washer & dryers, to rice cookers! 

The grocery department is about the same, just their bulk is about half the size. Instead of 12 Fuji Apples you get 6. But it is still cheaper! As we kept shopping we noticed a number of baskets with doughnuts & bread. It was in just about every cart. OMG! Then when we got back there in the bakery corner it was a true jungle of Japanese everywhere! Duh! It hit me...they don't have ovens in most Japanese homes, so baked goods are a real commodity. 

You will park & then take these flat escalators into the store with your cart. The cart is got some magnetic locking device that it stays in place on these belts. 

But really caught us off guard was the interest in hot dogs. Yes, you read me...HOT DOGS! There is an entire cooler isle of hot dogs in every flavor you can imagine. I suppose most of Asia got spam...Japan got hot dogs! There is even Fish hot dogs! Gross!! And some hot dogs, like the fish ones, don't need refrigeration. You can locate them in the regular isles! 

Their meat department of course is mostly fish. There is also a whole cooler of sushi. However, if you can withstand the madhouse, there is the traditional pizza & dog joint inside up by the registers. I say stop there first & get yourself a beverage...you will need it as you move at a snails pace throughout the Japanese jungle called Costco. 


April said...

How interesting!! What a cool experience this is for you guys. :) I don't know if I would be so brave! LOL More pics, please! I am intrigued...