10:29 PM

No! There Is Really Only 1 Rule...

My hubby keeps telling me that I have too many rules that I try to live by. I suppose that is because I seem driven by this odd code of ethics that makes me do some...ok...a lot of things that may be most people walking down the street wouldn't care to think about.

However, there is only one rule that I live by: "DO THE RIGHT THING!" If you do the right thing then you have covered all your bases. No one can come back on you, you wouldn't have failed, you can't be called lazy, & you sure as heck can't get in trouble later on down the road. Plus it is just good for your chi & your karma.

Sure, there are days that I forget or fall short & pretty much don't care. They are called "My Time!" However, for the most part, I leave a place cleaner than I found it, help the elderly, refold the shirt I was just looking at the store, & even wipe up excess water around the public sink I use.

It is hard to do the right thing, because let's be frank, doing the right things sometimes sucks & isn't what you want to do at all! And the right thing for me might not be the right thing for you, but I am positive that the right thing will save you tons of time, heartache, & trouble! Promise!

Like picking up your dirty underwear off the floor & putting it in the hamper will keep you from getting yet another of the same old lectures from your spouse. It is the right thing to do; it shows your spouse appreciation & respect. DUH!!!