6:34 PM

3 Must Have Items for Japan

So you are moving to Japan! Welcome! However, let me be the first to prepare you for the reality of just getting here:

YOU WILL BE WALKING & USING PUBLIC TRANSIT for a while. Some make it in & out to driving in 2 weeks, while others find all kinds of various complications that will but you on your feet a little longer. (i.e. an international driver's license is not acceptable here in Japan. You will need a Japanese Driver's License before you can drive.)

Whether you are moving here or just visiting there is a lot of walking still involved once you get your car or, no matter, if your friends have a car. Parking is scarce here & often a distance away from the actual place you want to be, so using the public transportation is very common, very acceptable, & very affordable.

Thus there are a few things you will want to bring with you on the plane so when you land you are set & ready to go:

  1. A really, REALLY, great pair of walking shoes. You might think you will make it in flip-flops (which some younger people can) but take my word when I say a great pair of closed toe walking shoes will be a blessing about day 3! You will work you way back into a pair of flip-flops in due time.

  2. A sling bag or backpack no matter your gender (plus you will look like a local). NOT A PURSE! Ladies, listen closely: with all the hiking about & shopping, the last thing you want is trying to keep a purse up on the already sore shoulder. It took me about a week & I converted to a "bag" over a purse. Make sure it is something that you can disburse the weight more evenly across your body.

    I personally feel in love with the $41 Coleman sling bag I got at the Dai mall outside the main gate. It even has a place a beverage to keep it cold/hot!

  3. One Trip Grip Handles! Yes, there are a number of variations. Yes, these were a compulsive buy at the Bed, Bath, & Beyond before we left the states. Yes, they are life savers! They are so sturdy & strong! Other variations have broken or bent.

    We have been able to get many heavy bags on one handle. It really helps save your fingers & arms, & prevents you from having your bags falling all over the bus, train, or taxi! You can load, crap & go! People stop to ask us where we got them all the time. We haven't seen them here, so be sure to stop & get a pair before you take flight!