8:52 PM

It Is People Like You that Ruin It For Everyone

We finally found a home! Hurray! On the way to view our soon-to-be new home our realtor was telling us about this house that he has coming open also, newer, but there is a lot of construction for renovations going on & thought we wouldn't be able to view it.

The conversation moved to the point in which most Americans when they get to foreign countries to live, just can't act right. They usually refuse to clean the house better than they got it, none-the-less, as well as they got it & just give up their security deposit instead as if it were a fair trade. They usually abuse the culture & its softer spots & their hired help as if they are superior to any other human being on the planet. (We have witnessed it more than once & in more than one country.) And most pet owners usually don't keep their pets in line or clean up well after them. We have seen such a house our first viewing here. I was expressing how disgusted I was & how I was shocked that Japanese still rent to Americans if that is what they do.

Our realtor chimes in with this story off this last American family that he just moved out of the house undergoing renovations. The renovations were being done because their dog ATE through the walls. Yes, I said ate. As in chewed & clawed right through the walls & doors. And not just one wall, but almost all of them!

I shook my head in disgust & my mouth dropped in shock. You could clearly read my facial expressions. "It is because of people like that that ruin it for people like us." We take care of our dog like a child, including discipline, even harsh if needed.

Later that night, as serendipity would have it, our taxi driver home told us that if we ever heard a story from our realtor about a dog chewing through the walls, that was her dog! (No, I'm not lying). She goes on to tell us that the dog has severe seperation anxiety, they never crated him, & it was $18,000 in damages. She was almost bragging, like she was famous now. After her security deposits & her (our) realtor talking to the landlord, it only cost her $500 to walk away & move onto base!

OMG! Are you crapping me? I held my tongue because I knew B would loose his mind. But if I run into her again, she will hear my opinion on the matter further than you have to train labradors because they require it to function. And why should she be allowed to live on base? Is base housing a way to avoid all responsibilty? Oh this pisses me off!!

Seriously, I wanted to jump over the seat, wrap my arm around her neck & just chew her a new one. It is because of people like her that people like us get screwed out of the enjoyments in life. Thank God our realtor understood this & showed us this brand new, just built & got the keys home & talked the landlord into letting us have our pet. Our realtor is my hero this week!


April said...

Wow...what are the odds of that! How interesting...I'm glad you found a good place! Can't wait to see some pics! ;)

Butter Beanz said...

As long as we can stay on top of housing & keep them from dragging their feet, we are looking at about 2 weeks from this Friday. I promise loads of photos! LOL!