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Ulta Beauty Online Shopping

Shopping in Japan for American products isn't impossible, but it is tricky. You usually have to really study those products on the Japanese shelves to distinguish if the product is even close to what you buy in the States. they packaging is really different made for easy recycling. Then you add the limited English words on the packages...you will often have to buy & try & repeat until you find what you are looking for.

Yes, there is the Commissary & the Exchange, but often times they don't carry the products you have grown to love in the States & the few of them they do, often end up sold out quickly...especially if all the fleet is in dock!

So many of us foreigners end up shopping online. I am one of those many Americans who still shop online for many of my favorite, recently found, beauty & personal products until I find a replacement on the Japanese shelves (which takes time with trial & error).

Ulta Beauty is one of those online sources I would recommend again & again. Some of you might be lucky enough be living or have lived next to one of these stores. It is full of all kinds of products from the Wal-mart store shelves to the Salon shelves. There is nothing you can't find here!

Ulta was the only online source that I found that could ship my L'Oreal EverPure Shampoo & Conditioner (& 4 of each!) to an APO/FPO address. Even DrugStore.com couldn't ship these shampoos & conditioners to me!

The added bounus is that it took less than a week to get it in the mail via priority mail. And they were even smart enough to tape the caps shut on the tubes as an extra step to help prevent leakage!

If you are need your beauty supplies that you can't find in your overseas duty station or not close to an Ultra store, try Ulta.com!


Sue & Chris said...

Is it Ulta? or Ultra? There is one of these stores near my parents house, and it is pretty neat.

Butter Beanz said...

It's Ulta. I am sorry. Made the corrections. I have a card too! You'd think I would be able to get it right. Ulta. The fingers get to typing & the "r" just gets added out of habit. Opps! LOL!

Jess said...

It can't get any better than this.