5:01 PM

Wal-Mart? Where?

Ha! We were out shopping the other day at the Livin Store here in Yokosuka, Japan, & stumbled across these wonderfully colored Wal-Mart bags for about $0.99 each! WOW! 

Wait? Where is Wal-Mart in Japan? There isn't one!!! There is a Wal-Mart in China, but Japan hasn't bought into the whole Wal-Mart propaganda as of today. So where did all these Wal-Mart bags comes from? Who knows! Probably some buy off from a mix up. 

But what is more important here is, why aren't these colorful Wal-Mart bags not being sold in the States at Wal-Mart? Who wouldn't want some of these brightly colorful, cheerful bags? I haven't seen them before I left at the end of May. Have you seen these bags?


April said...

I have seen the blue ones, but not the others. I'm pissed! I would SO be rockin' the pink ones!