7:04 PM

The Love of My Life!

Ok Ladies! So as you know, I occasionally get into reviewing new products that I try. This might not be new, but it was new to me.

For years I had tried various razors, creams, & gels in lost hopes to get those wonderful shinny hairless legs. Since I was a little girl, I have been plagued with big pores, black hair, & dry skin. So even my shaved legs looked like ...well, not shaved.

I eventually gave up to using a disposable razor without the aloe or various other strips. Because with the strips I never felt like I got that close shave. I have used oils even to try to get the "shine". Then within the day, it was like I never shaved at all, goosebumps or not.

So here I am 21 years later & decided to try a new razor. I had read that this was the razor to get for those super model shiny legs. I didn't want to spend the money because I assumed it had to be expensive with all the freaking refills. Then my hubby was buying the Titatium one for himself to try, so I broke down & thought, "If he can waste money & 'try" then so can I!"

OMG! I have been wasting all these years! I love this razor! It has been dropped a number of times, made it through more than a few full shaves, & never dulled once or gave me razor burn! Also, it cuts close! And the strips don't get all gunky like those others. Even my hubby beats his on the side of the sink a million times every morning & isn't using as many blades as his was with his Gillet. (P.S. By the way...he loves his too!)

After just about 3 weeks of using this razor, not only does this razor give me a great shave, but it has also given me softer legs, smaller pores, & my hair doesn't seem to grow back as fast...& I'm pregnant! (Hair grows like grass that gets rain every day in the spring when you are pregnant but with this razor I am not feeling all bushy & in need of a weed-wacker.)

This is another one of my many great product recommendations! I don't even have to use a cream or gel. As long as I exfoliate well before, I can use my cream-oil body wash & get the best shave ever!

P.S. Did I mentioned that these refill blades are actually cheaper than some of the other razors on the market & that because the don't seem to dull easily you will use less of them...making it money well spent on a budget? Totally worth it!