6:55 PM

Either Sit & Piss or Get Off the Pot!

Seriously! I have a lot of pet peeves I have discovered as I get older. However, how bloody hard is it to sit you bum on the freaking toilet & piss? So it takes you an extra five seconds to get the toilet cover or some extra toilet paper to line the seat, is it really that hard?

I don't like sitting in your piss anymore than you like sitting in someone else's. If you don't want to line the seat, & still refuse to sit on it...WIPE IT OFF WHEN YOU ARE DONE!

THEN FLUSH!! Bloody hell people! Use your foot if you have too, or some more toilet paper, but flush the freaking toilet.

And ladies...that time of month...no one else needs to know. WIPE THE SEAT!

So sit down & piss like a civilized person or go use a bush. Quit ruining my toilet needs with your stupidity & white trash laziness. No wonder other cultures think we are a nasty group of people.