3:45 PM

Ofunakannon-ji Temple

A newer temple devoted to the events of the Atomic Bomb, nestled away in Ofuna, Kamakura, Japan, right outside the Ofuna Train Station.

This beautiful white lady Buddha is made from concrete completely poured by hand... no trucks. Some of the stones are remains from Hiroshima & Nagasaki. An eternal flame continues to burn here, just as it does in Hiroshima, until all nuclear war weapons are abolished. The symbolism of peace are throughout the entire temple & grounds... though small, well worth a day of just a visit, picnic & reflection.

This temple is not an easy little "just get off the train & follow the crowds" like many temples are in Kamakura... this one actually takes a little thought & some help from the locals, iPhone google maps, or someone else who has been. Once you leave Ofuna Station via the South Gate (not the North Gate which many Yokosuka people will come up at), you cross the canal, take a left to the end of the sidewalk, then a right & an immediate right ... along a very exclusive looking alley way. A few yards in you will see two stone lanterns with a sign in kanji & 300 yen (adults), 100 yen (children). That is all the signing you will find on your way.

As you stand at the base of the hill in front of you wondering if this is possibly the right place... take a deep breath & bite down hard... it is a steep hike up & back down... and not with stairs! I kind of was reminded of Mt. Fuji... straight up!

I highly recommend that you pack a lunch to take with you & spend the day. You can get cold beverages at the temple. Once you are up, it is beautiful!


  • Take the train to Ofuna Station
  • When you arrive at Ofuna you will come up at the North Gate (for most all my fellow Japan dwellers) DO NOT EXIT
  • Walk down the big center hall way past a lot of yummy little bakeries! Yummm...
  • You will now be at the South Gate... EXIT
  • Then go to your right towards what looks like the back of the station (STROLLERS) You will find a small hallway to an elevator... it is large enough for 4 adults with 4 single large strollers easily... take it down
  • You will come out at an small intersection. You will need to cross the canal (over the bridge)
  • Once all the way across take a left down the sidewalk to the first road,
  • Turn right at that road/end of sidewalk (you will be looking at a hill & currently construction at that little intersection)
  • Then take the next immediate right (before the hill) down what looks like an exclusive alley... remember to be quieter & respectful
  • Walk a few yards in & you will see 2 stone lanterns... a sign with kanji with 300 yen (adults), 100 yen (children).
  • You will be at the base of a rather steep hill, with determination, strollers can go up! They will guide you at the top where to park them.

STROLLERS, you will want to either have a child that walks or a carrier to switch over to for the grounds.