8:13 AM

Just in Time for Christmas!

Thanks to my wonderful friend Missy, I have found a new site that I am too addicted to! Thanks! Like I really needed more help in the shopping department or in the "Oh, I can make that" hobby world. LOL!!

Etsy is an online shopping mall for all of these wonderfully talented individuals who make their own products. It is all homemade. Everything! And I do mean everything; from purses & bags to shirts, to baby stuff, to collection pieces, to home decor! I have yet to see it all! Many will customize this & that with your preferences too. It is amazing! For someone like me who knows what she wants, this site is perfect.

I have now ordered a few things from there & the personal contact I get with the vendor is well worth a little extra change here in & there. If you are looking for something a little different, like you were shopping in a boutique without the boutique prices...

With the holidays coming, you really need to check out Etsy for yourself!